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Florida Health Center

Florida Health Center is one of the leading centers for primary care, wellness services, and more. We offer patient-centered care that combines pain management, medication services, traditional treatments, and individually tailored care regimens. No matter what kind of care you need, you’ll find it when you come to Florida Health Center.

Florida Health Center is one of the foremost providers of emergency, urgent, and routine medical care in Naples, Fl., Day by day, we are motivated to help individuals feel better all around. That’s why we don’t only provide conventional medical services. When you come to Florida Health Center, we will provide you a range of options to treat your medical needs.

Family Medical Center in Naples & Fort Myers, FL

At Florida Health Center, we take pride in being your dedicated family medical center in Naples, FL, just a stone’s throw away from beautiful Fort Myers. Our mission is to provide exceptional healthcare services to both Naples and Fort Myers communities, ensuring accessible and comprehensive care for families.

Serving both Naples and Fort Myers, we are located at 2664 Tamiami Trail East in Naples, FL 34112. Our physical location serves as a beacon of health for individuals and families seeking high-quality medical care. With a team of experienced and compassionate medical professionals, Florida Health Center is your partner in holistic healthcare. Our family medical center in Naples, FL is designed to cater to the diverse needs of both communities, ensuring that you receive the care you deserve right in your backyard.

Urgent Primary Care Medical Center in Naples & & Fort Myers, FL

When urgency meets quality, Florida Health Center stands as your premier urgent primary care medical center in Naples, FL. Proudly extending our services to Fort Myers, we’re your go-to destination for immediate healthcare needs.

We understand that timely and comprehensive care is essential. As your urgent primary care medical center, we provide services that cater to both Naples and Fort Myers communities, ensuring you receive expert care when you need it the most. Our lab test center is equipped to meet your diagnostic needs, ensuring accurate and swift results for Naples and Fort Myers residents.

Additionally, we’re here for you in emergencies. Florida Health Center doubles as an emergency medical center, offering reassurance that dependable medical assistance is close at hand.

Ready to experience unmatched medical care? Contact us today and let us be your trusted partner for urgent primary care and beyond.

Florida Health Center’s Healthcare Provider

We offer you


Our staff contains some of the best healthcare providers in Naples, Fl., but that’s not all. Furthermore, we stand ready with specialized services that can accommodate the unique needs of anyone who needs us. When a medical need arises, our physicians are available are eager to walk you through the care you need, when and where you need it.
The over goal at Florida Health Center is to provide medical care that targets your physical, mental, and emotional needs all in one place. If you need anything that we offer, your next step is clear. Get in touch with us today and learn more about the services that we have to offer you.

“Florida Health Center specializes in your well-being by providing quality medical care from expert healthcare professionals who are dedicated to maximizing the wellbeing of each one of our patients. At Florida Health Center, our maximum level of care sets us apart from all other medical centers”.

Why Florida Health Centers

There’s a reason why Florida Health Centers is Naples, Fl. Prominent urgent care and medical provider. Our state-of-the-art, physician-led medical center operate at a very high professional level. Our patients are usually seen within under an hour. We offer high-quality are to every one of our patients, we strive to take care of all of your health care needs in one convenient visit.
Florida Health Center’s Nursing Staff

Our Promise to You

At our medical center we will strive to get you back on your feet faster by providing you the most comprehensive healthcare you need, all in one place.

Be Seen Promptly: No appointment is necessary…. COME IN NOW…. Our healthcare professionals are ready to care for you!

Convenient Medical Service At Florida Health Centers

Conveniently Available

we have convenient hours in order to accommodate you.

Florida Health Center Offers Immediate Medical Care

Fast and Efficient

Our physician-lead medical center is ready to treat you immediately and affordably.

We Used Advanced Medical Technology for Your Treatment

State of the Art

Our state-of-the-art medical center utilizes advanced medical technology and equipment in order to provide comprehensive healthcare in a safe and clean environment.

Florida Health Centers Located In Naples, Fl.

Locate Near You

Florida Health Centers is located conveniently in Naples, Fl. In order to accommodate our residents.

Explore Top-Quality Healthcare Services at Florida Health Centers

High-Quality Healthcare

In our medical center our licensed and certified healthcare professionals provide a variety of healthcare services to meet all your urgent/medical healthcare needs.

We Provide Affordable Healthcare Services

Most Affordable

Our medical center accepts most forms of insurance and offer affordable priced healthcare services for those individuals without healthcare coverage.

Florida Health Center’s Medical Services For Kids

Medical Services

Florida Health Center offers immediate medical care and walk-in clinic services in the Naples, Florida area. We help patients with minor injuries, health issues, medical examinations and much more. You can trust in our professional team and doctors.

Physical Examinations

Lab Test & Screenings

Immunizations & Vaccines

Women’s Health Services

Immigration Examination

Intravenous Fluids (IV’s)

Workers Compensation

Primary Adult Care

Accident Medical Center

Illness & Injuries

Back Pain Sciatica

Pain Management

Primary Care

Urgent Care

Comprehensive Care

Minor Injuries




What is the role of primary care?

Primary care is the foundation of your healthcare journey. It encompasses preventive care, routine check-ups, and early detection of health issues. Our family medical center takes pride in being your primary care partner, offering comprehensive services to Naples and Fort Myers.

What is urgent care in healthcare?

Urgent care provides prompt medical attention for non-life-threatening issues that require immediate attention. As your urgent primary care medical center, we offer swift and reliable care for Naples and Fort Myers residents, ensuring your health needs are met promptly.

Why is family medicine in high demand?

Family medicine addresses the healthcare needs of all age groups. With a focus on long-term relationships and personalized care, family medicine is essential for holistic well-being. Our family medical center caters to the demand for comprehensive healthcare services in Naples and Fort Myers.

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Florida Health Center accepts nearly all health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. In addition, we offer exclusive options for our self-pay patients.

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